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Duquesne Day of Giving 2017

Participation Drive
1,217 Donors
Towards goal of 1,023 Donors
$165,574.00 Raised
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Project ended on February 08, at 03:00 AM EST
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Duquesne Day of Giving 2017

If you missed the Duquesne Day of Giving we would still love to have your support! Click here to make a donation.



2016 Numbers to Beat...1,023 Gifts; $109,122.00 Raised

It's the second annual Duquesne Day of Giving! Our virtual fundraising event where we ask YOU our alumni, faculty, staff, parents and friends to make an online donation to Duquesne University. You can make an unrestricted gift to support our areas of greatest need or designate your gift to the school, organization or sports team that means the most to you. Even $10 will make a difference! To help break last year's Duquesne Day of Giving historic records, consider increasing your gift by $5 or make multiple gifts to support numerous areas of campus!

Maximize Your Gift - View our Complete List of Challenges Near the Bottom of this Page!


  1. Click on the "Give Now!" button on this page to fill out the donation form.

  2. If you would like to designate a gift you can do so on the form where it states: "Would you like your gift designated to a specific school or program? Please indicate that school or program here:" In that field, type-in the Duquesne University school, organization or sports team where you want your gift designated.

  3. Click "Give Now!" at the bottom of the page.

  4. Enter your credit card information and click "Pay With Your Credit Card"


Make today even more successful by spreading the word about the Duquesne Day of Giving! Use the "Share" buttons on this page to easily promote the #DUQDayofGiving on social media. As we learned last year, all of those posts, shares, likes, e-mails and texts really add up and make a big impact!


School of Law - Participation Challenge: 75 Donors Unlocks $7,500

Challenge #1: The Duquesne Law Alumni Association (DLAA) will donate $2,500 if 25 individuals donate to the Duquesne School of Law.

Challenge #2: DLAA will donate an additional $2,500 if 50 individuals donate to the Duquesne School of Law.

Challenge #3: DLAA president, Garry Nelson L'82, will personally donate $2,500 if 75 individuals donate to the Duquesne School of Law.

School of Nursing - $2,500 Matching Challenge

Francis Feld, N'93 will match donations to the School of Nursing dollar-for-dollar, up to $2,500.

McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts - $5,000 Participation Challenge

Dean James Swindal and his wife Mary will donate $5,000 if 100 individuals designate their gift to the McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts.

School of Pharmacy - $4,000 Participation Challenge

Craig G. Cochenour, P'81, L'88 will donate $4,000 if 75 individuals designate their gift to the School of Pharmacy.

Palumbo Donahue School of Business - $10,000 Participation Challenge

An anonymous donor has agreed to donate $10,000 to the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business if 100 individuals designate their gift to the School of Business on the Duquesne Day of Giving.

Current Parents - Participation Challenge: 100 Donors Unlocks $2,000

Parents of a current Duquesne University student will anonymously donate $2,000 if 100 current parents make a gift to any designation across the University.

Duquesne University Swimming & Diving - $5,000 Matching Gift Challenge

An anonymous supporter and parent of a Duquesne University women's swimming alumna has made a $50,000 commitment over five years to the Swimming & Diving program. As part of this pledge, $10,000 in gifts from additional supporters needs to be matched this year. The program already has $5,000 in commitments, leaving $5,000 to be "unlocked" on the Duquesne Day of Giving. All donations on this day, to the Swimming & Diving program, will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $5,000.




From all of us at Duquesne University - we deeply appreciate your enthusiasm, generosity and support of the Duquesne Day of Giving. Thanks for helping us make history!

Choose a giving level


Makes A Difference!

We learned last year that all of those $10 donations really add up to make an impact! Every gift improves Duquesne's donor participation rate, which in turn raises Duquesne's profile in national rankings and increases the value of a Duquesne degree.


Honor the Class of 2017

Make a gift in honor of the Class of 2017


Every Gift Counts

A $100 annual gift contributes as much to Duquesne's budget as a $2,000 endowment.


Our Legacy

Make a gift in honor of Duquesne University being 138-years-old.


Your Donation...Your Decision!

Don't forget that your gift can be unrestricted to support Duquesne's greatest needs or to the school, organization, program or sports team that means the most to you.


Duquesne Society

A gift of $1,000 or more includes membership to the Duquesne Society! Members are invited to an annual spring evening of recognition on campus and receive benefits including periodic invitations to regional networking, social and cultural events.


Make A Statement

Those contributing $2,500 or more not only become Duquesne Society members but receive additional benefits commensurate with their increased giving levels.

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