About Spirit

Welcome to Spirit, Duquesne University’s official crowdfunding platform, where alumni and friends are encouraged to help financially ignite student, faculty and staff projects that are inspired in the Spirit of Duquesne.

Donations are posted to Spirit in real-time, allowing project supporters to know the immediate status of the fundraising goal (it’s addicting!). Updates are also sent out during and after the campaign to keep supporters informed of the latest news regarding the project.

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Duquesne University FAQ

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a 2-week online fundraising campaign where project leaders passionately tell their story in hopes that their own personal networks, alumni and friends will make a gift to support their project.

Who can apply and how are applications evaluated?

Projects featured on Spirit must be University-centered initiatives that directly enhance the Duquesne University experience for our students, faculty and staff. Applications will be reviewed by Duquesne's crowdfunding committee to make sure the project supports the University’s mission, has the potential to be a success and that crowdfunding is the best option to fund the project.

How do I/we access the money?

100% of donations are deposited into the University gift account of the department/organization in charge of the campaign. Donors will receive a tax receipt with the amount of their donation. If your group does not have a gift account, we can assist with that process. You will work with the account's admin or Business Manager to access these funds.

Donor FAQ


Is my gift to a Spirit project tax-deductible?

All gifts to Spirit are considered a donation to Duquesne University. If you itemize, your gift may be tax-deductible. Your gift will be acknowledged by a receipt from the Office of Annual Giving. 

Can my employer match my gift to Spirit?

Yes! To see if your employer has a matching gift program, click here. Note: This link will open a separate window where you can search and print any appropriate forms after completing your online gift. If you cannot locate your employer's information on the page above, please contact the Office of Annual Giving for assistance at annualfund@duq.edu.

Additional questions? Please contact us!

The Office of Annual Giving is happy to answer any additional questions you have about Spirit. Please contact annualfund@duq.edu.

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