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Crowdfunding applications are now being accepted for the 2022-2023 academic year!

Crowdfunding Cycle #1- CLOSED

  • Application Deadline: Wednesday, September 14
  • Fall Semester Cycle: Friday, October 14 – Monday, October 31

Crowdfunding Cycle #2

  • Application Deadline: Friday, February 10
  • Spring Semester Cycle: Friday, March 17 –  Monday, April 3

Duquesne University students, faculty and staff with a crowdfunding campaign idea are encouraged to apply. Before submitting an application, please carefully read the information below. Make sure that your project qualifies to be featured on Spirit, your goal is realistic and that you and your team are willing to put in the time and effort to make your campaign a success.

Contact with any questions.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a 2-week online fundraising campaign where project leaders passionately tell their story in hopes that their own personal networks, alumni and friends will make a gift to support their project.

Who can apply and how are applications evaluated?

Projects featured on Spirit must be University-centered initiatives that directly enhance the Duquesne University experience for our students, faculty and staff. Applications will be reviewed by Duquesne's crowdfunding committee to make sure the project supports the University’s mission, has the potential to be a success and that crowdfunding is the best option to fund the project.

Does crowdfunding require much effort?

Yes! Crowdfunding may seem like a quick and easy way to raise large sums of money, but successful projects require a great deal of time. You will need to create creative content and be comfortable with actively soliciting donations throughout the duration of the campaign.

What are the requirements for a successful campaign?

  • A passionate team. Your team leaders and project advocates will need to be committed to creating your campaign content/updates and to actively solicit donations throughout the entire campaign. Launching your crowdfunding page is only the beginning of the journey.
  • A large crowd of supporters. Your team must be willing to personally reach out to family, friends, colleagues, alumni, etc. for support. It is recommended that each project advocate has at least 100 relevant personal contacts to solicit in person or via e-mail or text message. Regularly posting on your social media channels (both personal and those connected to your area of campus) is a must.
  • A project that is inspired in the Spirit of Duquesne. A project that connects with the Mission of Duquesne University and is supported by project advocates who are 100 percent invested in the cause are essential for a successful campaign.

How does the University assist with the process?

A Duquesne University crowdfunding professional will work with you throughout the campaign to help make it a success. This includes:

  • scheduling a brief "Learn About Crowdfunding" introductory session with all of the crowdfunding campaign leaders for that semester
  • providing you with a detailed crowdfunding guide that includes step-by-step instructions on how to launch your campaign, best practices to reach your goal and ideas on how to properly thank your donors
  • placing the content you create on your crowdfunding page for you
  • promoting your campaign on the Spirit Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • scheduling one-on-one Zoom check-in meetings, if needed
  • working with you to strategize how your campaign can be promoted through Duquesne University channels

How do I/we access the money?

100% of donations are deposited into the University gift account of the department/organization in charge of the campaign. Donors will receive a tax receipt with the amount of their donation. If your group does not have a gift account, we can assist with that process. You will work with the account's admin or Business Manager to access these funds.

Apply today!

If crowdfunding sounds like a solution to your fundraising needs, please apply today. Questions? Contact

Tell us about yourself


Tell us about your project


Consider when this will best fit into your schedule and when funding is needed


Donations must benefit DU students, faculty or staff - CANNOT BE GIVEN TO A CHARITY OR THIRD PARTY

Reminder - projects typically raise $1,000-$4,000, but we can advise on a realistic goal

Donations from your personal network will be the primary source of donations

This may require a great deal of time, but can play an important role in reaching your goal

Videos are the most effective way to tell your story and provide donors with updates

Photos are important to add to your crowdfunding campaign page and for social media promotion


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